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Transcript, 2CC Canberra, Interview with Mark Parton

E&OE….   Topics: Iraq, superannuation MARK PARTON:  I chat with Greg Hunt regularly from the Federal Government. He’s the Environment Minister and we’ve got him on the line right now. Hello Greg. GREG HUNT:  Good morning Mark. MARK PARTON:  Things don’t get any better in the Middle East, do ... read more »

Transcript, 5AA Adelaide, Interview with Leon Byner

E&OE….   Topics: Gas prices in South Australia, Renewable Energy Target Review LEON BYNER:  Thanks for joining me on the line. GREG HUNT:  Pleasure. LEON BYNER: I think people need an explanation today as to why our gas prices are up 14% when there is so much gas we’ve got in Australia. We are selling to the ... read more »

Transcript, ABC612 Brisbane, Interview with Steve Austin

E&OE….   Topics: Home Insulation Royal Commission Report, Abbot Point STEVE AUSTIN: The Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt told Federal Parliament the Government is carefully considering the recommendations, and Greg Hunt joins me now. Minister, good morning to you. GREG HUNT:  Good morning, Steve. STEVE AUSTIN:&... read more »

Transcript, 2GB Sydney, Interview with Steve Price and Andrew Bolt

E&OE….   Topics: Home Insulation Programme Royal Commission Report STEVE PRICE:  I did note that I thought the Environment Minister - and you made this point to me as well Andrew -  Greg Hunt looked quite emotional when speaking on this in Parliament today.  The Minister is on the line. Thanks for your time. GRE... read more »

Transcript, Sky News PM Agenda, Interview with David Speers

E&OE….   Topics: Home Insulation Programme Royal Commission Report DAVID SPEERS: Well, the current Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, joins me now. Minister, thanks for your time. GREG HUNT:  Pleasure. DAVID SPEERS:  There have been a number of inquiries into this Home Insulation Program. What has this Royal Commis... read more »
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