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For environment media enquiries please contact John O'Doherty at  (02) 6277 7920.  

For local media enquiries please contact Samantha Robin on (03) 5979 3188.

01 October, 2015 The Australian Government is providing $449,000 to an innovative Australian solar company which is developing a new, highly efficient, and potentially cheaper solar cell. The funding will help NSW company Dyesol create a roadmap to take its perovs... Read more
01 October, 2015 The Federal Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, and the New South Wales Minister for Roads Duncan Gay, today announced that the strategic assessment of small scale road and traffic works has been approved under national environment law. Throu... Read more
30 September, 2015 Following letters I wrote to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews regarding the Stony Point railway line and the French Island ferry, I have received a positive response indicating the French Island Community Association will be heavily involved in the f... Read more
29 September, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: Office of Climate Change and Renewables Innovation, renewable energy, Emissions Reduction Fund, Maurice Newman, Australia’s 2030 emissions target FRAN KELLY: Greg Hunt is the Environment Minister. Minister, wel... Read more
29 September, 2015 A $23.4 million Solar Plant will now supply renewable energy to Weipa’s bauxite mine, processing facilities, township and port in the first commercial diesel displacement solar plant at a remote mining operation in Northern Australia.The Australian R... Read more
29 September, 2015 As a community we are keeping up the pressure on the Victorian Government to improve safety at the notoriously dangerous intersection of Forest Drive and Nepean Highway in Mount Martha. I first wrote to VicRoads about this issue in August, 2013 an... Read more
25 September, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: Direct Action, China Emissions Trading Scheme, electricity prices LAURA JAYES: Well joining me now is the Environment Minister Greg Hunt. Mr Hunt, thanks so much for your time. GREG HUNT: It’s a pleasure Lau... Read more
25 September, 2015 A Corangamite Green Army team is working to protect and improve the environment along the coast from Lorne to Anglesea. This team is a great example of local young people working with their community to achieve practical environmental outcomes for th... Read more
25 September, 2015 $500,000 in grant funding will be made available to local community groups over the next three years to support activities to protect grasslands, woodlands and wetlands of Victoria’s volcanic plains, and the magnificent coastal areas of the Corangami... Read more
25 September, 2015 Protection of the Hooded Plover along part of Victoria's iconic Great Ocean Road has received increased support through a $20,000 grant from the Australian Government’s 25th Anniversary Landcare Grants. The Hooded Plover (Thinornis rubricollis) is a ... Read more
25 September, 2015 This Government is about helping Australians do their bit for the environment, whilst also reducing their electricity bills.The work to install a 15.3kW solar panel system on one of the Torquay Country Fire Authority’s buildings will deliver benefits... Read more
25 September, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: Clean Air, Clean Land, Clean Water, Heritage, Cities, China ETS announcement GREG HUNT: Thanks very much to Sarah, to all of the Mayors, and CEOs, the community representatives right across the five municipalities. ... Read more
24 September, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: Bureau of Meteorology, renewable energy, Direct Action, climate change, carbon tax TONY JONES, PRESENTER: Let's go to Melbourne now. We're joined by the Environment Minister, Greg Hunt. Thanks for being there. ... Read more
22 September, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, UNESCO, Crown of Thorns, runoff MURRAY JONES: Let's- actually I think we're going to Brisbane, we've got Greg Hunt, Greg Hunt Federal Environment Minister on line. Good morning Greg, how a... Read more
22 September, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: Yellow Crazy Ants, Great Barrier Reef Water Quality, Carmichael Mine QUESTION: Minister we're now at the seven week mark since the Carmichael Mine approval was set aside. You indicated that re-approval might take six... Read more
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