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For environment media enquiries please contact John O'Doherty at  (02) 6277 7920.  

For local media enquiries please contact Samantha Robin on (03) 5979 3188.

30 November, 2015 Topics: Paris climate conference E&OE…. LISA MILLAR: Greg Hunt, what’s the mood going into this summit? GREG HUNT: I think it’s very positive and that’s exemplified by the fact that over 150 world leaders are... Read more
28 November, 2015 Australia strongly opposes the decision by Japan to resuming whaling in the Southern Ocean this summer. The Australian Government has made repeated representations at the highest level to urge Japan not to resume whaling this year. Representati... Read more
27 November, 2015 Today Bill Shorten has announced another plan for higher electricity prices. He’s picked a target but hasn’t had the courage to outline the costs. He hasn’t done the work to detail the mechanism. Where is the ALP plan and mech... Read more
25 November, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: Paris climate conference, Emissions Reduction Fund, safeguard mechanism, EPBC Act LAURIE WILSON: Let's move now to our question time, and our first one today is from Deb Nesbitt. JOURNALIST: Hi, Deb Nesb... Read more
25 November, 2015 ** Check against delivery ** Introduction: An integrated approach to climate and the environment Thank you for the introduction and many thanks to the National Press Club for the opportunity to address you in the lead up to COP21, or the Paris... Read more
25 November, 2015 Labor’s lack of credibility in dealing with climate change is getting worse by the day. The latest claims about the Government “fudging numbers” are absolute nonsense. Labor is getting so desperate they’re now attacking ... Read more
24 November, 2015 Ahead of climate talks in Paris, the Government is working to increase participation in the Carbon Neutral Program by boosting opportunities for participants and enhancing consumer recognition of carbon neutral leaders. “The Australian Gover... Read more
22 November, 2015 The Australian Antarctic Division and Royal Australian Air Force have successfully flown a joint operational mission to East Antarctica, with a C-17A Globemaster III delivering heavy lift cargo to Wilkins Aerodrome in support of the Australian Antarc... Read more
19 November, 2015 The Australian Government congratulates the Northern Territory Government on raising environmental standards as part of their ongoing commitment to reforming the Territory’s environmental regulatory system. This is a clear example of the Aus... Read more
18 November, 2015 The Australian Government is continuing to deliver on its commitment to protect the Great Barrier Reef with the opening of the Reef Trust Tender – Burdekin. Through this latest project, the Government will provide $2.5 million to help suga... Read more
18 November, 2015 Last night hundreds gathered at the Australian Event Awards in Sydney to hear the sixth IUCN World Parks Congress named CIM Magazine best meeting or conference of the year by industry experts. I would like to congratulate Parks Australia and the N... Read more
18 November, 2015 The landmark release of 39 healthy Tasmanian devils on Forestier Peninsula later today will help re-establish a wild population free of Deadly Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). Australia’s Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt and Tasmanian Env... Read more
18 November, 2015 Rottnest Island, the home of the Quokka and other unique Australian animals, is set to reduce its reliance on shipped-in diesel using solar energy and smart power control systems. The Australian Government, through the Australian Renewable Energy ... Read more
Green Army restoring Kedron and Ithaca Creeks
16 November, 2015 Young Australians from the Brisbane City region are starting to see the results of their hard work as part of the Australian Government’s Green Army Programme. The Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, and Federal Member for Brisbane, Teresa Gambaro, praised the work of the young locals... Read more
13 November, 2015 Congratulations to the two winners of the 2015 Environment Minister’s Award for a Cleaner Environment - Emirates One and Only Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa in New South Wales and Mr Allen Riseley of Victoria. I am delighted to be able to r... Read more
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