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01 December, 2015 PRIME MINISTER: Hi, I'm Malcolm Turnbull and I'm here with Greg Hunt and we are here in Paris in a spirit of realistic optimism and commitment to ensuring that we have a global agreement. Something that – in real terms – has eluded the... Read more
01 December, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: Paris climate summit KIERAN GILBERT: Now to my chat with Greg Hunt the Environment Minister. I spoke to him from Paris earlier this morning. GREG HUNT: Look there is a very positive mood. Over 150 world leader... Read more
01 December, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: Paris climate summit FRAN KELLY: The Environment Minister Greg Hunt is with the Prime Minister at the climate conference. He joins us from Paris now. Minister, welcome to Breakfast. GREG HUNT: Good morning Fran. ... Read more
30 November, 2015 Topics: Paris climate conference E&OE…. MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: Australia is pushing for the new agreement to include provisions for five yearly reviews. That would allow nations, including Australia, to increase their targets in fu... Read more
25 November, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: Paris climate conference, Emissions Reduction Fund, safeguard mechanism, EPBC Act LAURIE WILSON: Let's move now to our question time, and our first one today is from Deb Nesbitt. JOURNALIST: Hi, Deb Nesb... Read more
ABC News Breakfast interview with Virginia Trioli
17 November, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: Paris terror attacks, Paris climate summit, coal VIRGINIA TRIOLI: The Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt has just been there in Paris for preliminary talks and he joins us now in the studio. Greg Hunt, good morning, thanks for making the time. GREG HUNT: ... Read more
17 November, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: Paris terror attacks TOM ELLIOTT: Greg Hunt, good afternoon. GREG HUNT: And good afternoon Tom. TOM ELLIOTT: Did you feel like, obviously when you woke up Saturday morning and you just missed the terrorist att... Read more
12 November, 2015 Topics: Paris climate summit, Green Climate Fund, financing coal E&OE…. PATRICIA KARVELAS: Environment Minister Greg Hunt took part and he joins me now from Paris. Minister, thanks for your time. GREG HUNT: And good... Read more
11 November, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: Paris climate summit, Montreal Protocol KIERAN GILBERT: We're live to Paris now – one of those attending was the Environment Minister Greg Hunt. Mr Hunt, thanks so much for your time. Australia re... Read more
06 November, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: Montreal Protocol, Paris climate summit, Green Climate Fund, Asia-Pacific Rainforest Recovery Plan FRAN KELLY: Environment Minister Greg Hunt was at the meeting in Dubai, he joins us from London now. Greg Hunt, welcom... Read more
01 November, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: climate change, Paris climate conference, Office of Climate Change and Renewables Innovation, nuclear energy, coal seam gas BARRIE CASSIDY: Greg Hunt, good morning. GREG HUNT: Good morning. BARRIE CASSIDY: ... Read more
28 October, 2015 Topics: Marine Biodiversity Hub, Earth Sciences and Climate Change Hub, Carp eradication, East-West Link E&OE…. GREG HUNT: Tasmania is home to the icebreaker, it’s home to the Antarctic Gateway Partnership, and it's ... Read more
21 October, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, renewable energy, safeguard mechanism, Emissions Reduction Fund, World Bank Pilot Auction Facility KIERAN GILBERT: I'm joined by the Environment Minister Greg Hunt, and a lot to t... Read more
20 October, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: Commission for Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources, renewable energy, climate change, whaling SARAH GILLMAN: Greg Hunt is the Federal Environment Minister, and joins us. Good morning. GREG... Read more
20 October, 2015 E&OE…. Topics: Melbourne infrastructure, coal, EPBC Act, Canada election, Green Army TOM ELLIOTT: Right now though we are joined by the Federal Environment – and Minister for Cities Greg Hunt. Good afternoon. GREG HUNT: A... Read more
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