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Emissions Reduction Fund passed by Parliament

The Australian Parliament has today passed legislation to implement the $2.55 billion Emissions Reduction Fund – the centrepiece of the Government’s policy to cut domestic emissions. The Senate passed the ERF with amendments earlier this month, and today these have been passed by the House of Representatives. We have delivered on our ... read more »

Transcript, 2CC Canberra, Interview with Mark Parton

E&OE….                       Topics: Ebola, Green Army, Jacqui Lambie MARK PARTON:    I’m not predicting that the Environment Minister wants to comment on the journey of Richard di Natale to Ebola-ravaged A... read more »

Labor play politics on reef rather than action

Australians should be offended by the cheap politics being played by Labor on the protection of the Great Barrier Reef. It was the previous Labor Governments at a Federal and State level which were touting the development of mega ports along the reef. It was under Labor in 2011 that the World Heritage Committee first raised alarm bells about the ... read more »

Transcript, 2CC Canberra, Interview with Mark Parton

E&OE….                       Topics: ABC cuts, China-US emissions MARK PARTON:    I’ve got the Federal Environment Minister on the line. G’day Greg. GREG HUNT:       ... read more »

Australia’s commitment to the world with the Promise of Sydney

Australia is proud to have co-hosted such a successful IUCN World Parks Congress and equally proud of our own commitments in its major outcome – the Promise of Sydney. Our promises range from banning capital dredge disposal in the Great Barrier Reef and a historic agreement with China to ban mining in Antarctica, to new initiatives to recove... read more »
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